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t place, I find I can teach! And I lov●e it! I have a class of thirteen girls▓ ranging from twelve to fifteen, and●, if you please, I teach them everything! exc●ept history which Mamma teach▓es.They are most of them ver


y bright, del▓ightful girls, and mind my least word, even lo▓ok.Only once have I had any trouble.I k●ept a girl in for an hour after schoo▓l because she had not pretended to st●udy her lesson that day, and the▓ next day I had a note from her ●Mother to say that she was s●hocked at her daughter being singled out f▓or punishment, and requesting that it ▓should not happen again.I r●eturned a note saying that I also ●requested earnestly that it should not happen a●gain, that M.come to her cla▓ss without

having{310} studied● her lesson; should it happen a second ti●me, the punishment would have to be much more ▓severe.I had no reply to that, but M., who is▓ very bright tho’ very spoiled, t●hought wisest to study in future.A Mot▓her, who had taught in her youth ●and who knew of this passage at arms, wrote m▓e a note of sympathy, saying, “A tea▓cher must be prepared to swallow bu▓ckets full of adders.” This was so ▓very strong and so beyond my experience, th▓at I did not answer it, and t

h●us far I can truly say I have not ●swall

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owed a single mosquito even. I have a l▓ittle time today and I want to put▓ down what I do every day, I really have not▓ added it up even in my mind.First of all, I● trim and fill all the lamps, twenty ▓in all, for


we have no light but kerosene ▓in the house; the fixtures are all there, bu●t gas is so expensive; then I practise a half ho●ur before going into school at nine; school ●lasts until two; there is no general re▓cess, each class going into the ga▓rden for their recess at a different time;● then I give one or two music l▓essons every day, that takes more out ●of me than anything.Once a week, Mr.Hambruch● gives me a lesson, from pure goodness and l▓ove of music; for, of course, I co▓uld not afford it.He taught me for years w▓hen I was young, and when he{311} offered to gi▓ve me a spare hour he had, I was too▓ glad.Yesterday I went to him almost cr▓yin

g, and told him how badly● I felt at taking money for girls who we▓re not learning any thing.He l●aughed and answered, “Oh, Miss A., you mu▓st not mind that.We music teachers, if▓ we only taught the ones that learn, we● would starve.” That was a gre●at surprise and consolation to me, for he● is the very best music teacher in Char●leston, and I was so proud of his sayin●g, “We music teachers.” Of c▓ourse I only charge a quarter of what he charges● for lessons and people have so littl

▓e money that I have a good many ▓pupils,

as Mr.H.was so good as to gi●ve me a certificate as to my c▓apacity to teach.I make every● stitch o

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f clothing that I wear, and that tak▓es up every spare moment; add to all this th●at I go into society, and enjoy m●yself fiercely. We have ten delightful girl▓s as boarding pupils, from all over t●he State.They are preternaturally we●ll behaved, and Mamma’s plan of its being re●ally a home, with no rules, is suc▓ceeding perfectly.My dear


, pre●tty little sister is a kind of ●lead horse in the team, and as

she wa●lks straight the rest follow.But they r●eall

y are exceptionally nice ladylike girls

w●ho treat Mamma like a queen

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